Horsehair Pottery

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Horsehair pottery is made by removing a pot from the kiln at 1200° F. and draping horsehairs over it. The hairs burn their own unique pattern onto the surface of the pot. Though horsehair is usually used for this process because it is long and coarse, it is possible to use human hair, pet hair, and even feathers, each creating a different type of mark.

Horsehair pottery is an ideal gift for a horse-lover, or a perfect memento of your own horse. I can decorate a pot using my own supply of horsehair, or you can have a pot made using a few hairs from your own horse. Whether you are celebrating a new equine companion or memorializing one who has passed on, a pot decorated with hair from a special horse makes a permanent one-of-a-kind memento.

Horsehair pottery is unglazed and should not be used to hold water. All pots shown are hand-made. For my horsehair pots, I often use micaceous clay, which is traditionally used by Pueblo Indians for cookware.

This clay contains bits of mica, which makes it naturally beautiful and also makes it resistant to the shock of being taken out of a hot kiln.

horsehair variations

Pots decorated with (clockwise from upper right)

  • feathers
  • horsehair
  • dog hair
  • human hair

Custom-made pots and boxes

You can view examples of custom-order horsehair pots here.

If you wish to order an item to be shipped outide the continental United States, please contact Sumi to arrange shipping.

All custom orders are non-returnable. If you have any questions or concerns about the work, please contact Sumi before ordering.

When you order a Horsehair Pot or Box, send about a dozen hairs to

Her Wheel Pottery, P.O. Box 51, Golden, CO 80402-0051

Include your horse's name if you'd like it on the bottom of the pot

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